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Ck also check out Done by Jacues Peretti and in this case may function a ind of mutually assured financial destruction all funded by free money of COURSE THE RESULT UANTITATIVE EASING The result of uantitative easing very likely to be that a significant uantity of us ordinary earthlings could be eased out of our jobs and livelihoods by massive bets made by some of the biggest gamblers on earthRead this book and you ll get some idea why Though it is a heavy book to read and get to grips with this book shows how al the money being given to the Banks is being used by them to bet on the stock markets The should be putting this money into the economy supporting investment in local business major building programs and getting people back to work on a decent wage There is no doubt that the amount of facts in this book show it is highly researched but it can make it a bit of a dry read. E financial crisis fueled instability that manifests itself in everything from rising populism to the shocking Brexit vote  Packed with tantalizing details about the elite players orchestrating the world economy from Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi to Ben Bernanke and Christine Lagarde Collusion takes the listener inside the most discreet conversations at exclusive retreats like Jackson Hole and Davos  A work of meticulous reporting and bracing analysis Collusion will change the way we understand the new world of international finance?. .

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E book is about how a FEW SO CALLED EXPERTS HAVE MADE so called experts have made highly uestionable decisions about the financial management of the world And no one really has a clue about how the decisions will eventually pan outBased on this book I don t *Think The Pan Is Going *the pan is going contain gold at least metaphorically Although actually their actions may make returning to a gold standard attractive for some nations and accelerate the adoption of crypto in others Alternatively it may result in some ind of global financial armageddon the like of which no one has ever seen or is prepared for except a handful of highly armed survivalists who may have made the right bet and a hedge fund somewhere betting on this outcomeNot that any of this will be news to watchers of the will be news to watchers of the show on RT yes I now that Russian propaganda channel The fact is that collusion generally has made a comeba. Port  Through on the ground reporting Prins reveals how five regions and their central banks reshaped economics and geopolitics She discloses how Mexico navigated its relationship with the US while striving for independence and how Brazil led the BRICS countries to challenge the US dollar's hegemony She explains how China's retaliation against the Fed's supremacy is aiding its ongoing ascent as a global superpower and how Japan is negotiating the power shift from the West to the East And she illustrates how the European response to th. Fine Well It s nice to have a peek into the global financial games these people play at our expense as most of the world live off the crumbs from their tablesWell researched and presented I enjoyed this book and in a way I am tolerant of how governments and countries can be forced into undesirable actions and situations These situations will always continue as we are only human and greed and power corrupts Awful book 300 pages of this happened then that happened then this happened and that happened that which I didn t already now about I didn t care about I purchased it because I saw the author interviewed t care about I purchased it because I saw the author interviewed she seemed to have some very interesting things to say sadly none of them made it into the book This is uite a hard book to readNot just because the font is rather small and the level of detail provided by the author exhaustive but also because th. In this searing expose former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins shows how the 2007 2008 financial crisis turbo boosted the influence of central bankers and triggered a Massive Shift In The shift in the order Central banks and international institutions like the IMF have overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks or balances Meanwhile the open door between private and central banking has ensured endless opportunities for market manipulation and asset bubbles with government sup. Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World