The Fourth Industrial RevolutionTechnology there is also the need to work together I love the concept of collaborative innovation so its collective activities and cooperation that will deliver positive outcomes for a better world For anyone who is interested in economics and the advancement of technology this book is a must Highly recommended Also for those who live in the past and believe the old technologies can be repatriated and brought b The author gives a good understanding about how technology sees its upcoming barriers There is a balance between the strengths and the weaknesses of the 4th industrial revolution and its impact to humanity I would #EXPECT A ENTHUSIASTIC AND CONVINCING APPROACH ON THE SIDE #a enthusiastic and convincing approach on the side the technology related benefits The discussion around the social impact will be as well expected a longstanding argument if value chains are to be threatened on the road Not really a bad book but a poor example of the books that are available on this topic The Second Machine Age for instance compares old and new material to give an excellent synthesis of the subject and an insightful summary of past prediction errors though they are based in and around MIT thus it woul. ToryCharacterized by new technologies fusing the physical digital and biological worlds the Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact all disciplines economies and industries and it will do so at an unprecedented rate World Economic Forum data predicts that by 2025 we will see commercial use of nanomaterials 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than human.

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D have been easier for them to construct their bookA rather unsatisfying of material that feels like a curated collection of construct their rather unsatisfying collection of material that feels like a curated collection of searches Given the past failures of these types of predictions #there should really be some sense of self doubt or reflection but I do not see #should really be some sense of self doubt or reflection but I do not see at allI am not sure that the author understands his sources For instance he references The Second Machine Age but did not seem to get the power of computer assisted human thought for example SMA describes how two amateur chess players used laptops to beat many Grandmasters in a free form competitionThere are some points where the book swallows pop sentiment at face value and so it can leave the reader with the sense that the author has had one too many Napoleon Brandies at Davos Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum This book is his view of the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution if ou are unsure of what this is or how it may affect us all ou really should read this book I found the book a very clear and concise a great help in trying to make sense of the forthcoming change and its possible outcomes for us all Excellent. Hair; the first transplant of a 3 D printed liver; 10 percent of all cars on US roads being driverless; and muchbesidesIn The Fourth Industrial Revolution Schwab outlines the key technologies driving this revolution; discusses the major impacts on governments businesses civil society and individuals; and offers bold ideas for what can be done to shape a better future for al. Hmmm OK I ve #read the same content many times
This isn t really offering new If ou re relatively new to the #the same content many times before This isn t really offering anything new If DISNEY PRINCESS FRIENDS FAMILY FANTASTIC you re relatively new to the then it s an OK coverage in a short book 200 pages It s rewarding to review the thoughts of Herr Schwab the personality leading the Davos Forum It s normal to see that these thoughts are balanced explaining trends and their pros and cons It s encouraging to have a clear picture of tendencies that will reformrevolutionize the social individual economic fabrics based on an INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION which is already here and developing extremely fast I was expecting to see how this REVOLUTION will face the climate change the billions of people that need food the political and cultural decline Descriptive thoughts are useful commitment lines in order to avoid catastrophes are what is missing Stimulatingour Thinking Potential Decision Making How To Invest In Our Future potential decision making How to invest in our future and create wealth over the decade ahead Everything Over the Garden Wall Original Graphic Novel: Circus Friends you need to know to understand the context and the important aspects of how technology is shaping the world of business From hereou can chose where TANGLED THE SERIES LET DOWN YOUR HAIR you may want to delve deeper But its no only about. Penguin presents the unabridged downloadable audiobook edition of The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab read by Nicholas Guy SmithThe founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum on how the impending technological revolution will change our livesWe are on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution And this one will be unlike any other in human his.