Too Big to Fail: Inside the Battle to Save Wall StreetOok does give you a lot of insight into the Events On Wall Street And Little Insight Into Peripheral on Wall Street and little insight into the peripheral played by some UK But nless you like devouring a large stack of background material you will find it frustratingly long winded Investigative journalism at its bestHow did Sorskin persuade everyone who matters to contribute to this book from Hank Paulson to Dick Fuld From those with reputations still intact to those with nothing left to lose Normally only the most senior journalists can pull that level of influence For the seuel Sorskin should write a thriller about the arm twisting and negotiations behind the book Were there anonymous phone calls Documents posted through his letterbox in the middle of the night Did any of the participants just want history to be docu This is a very good book if you want to know what happened to Lehman Brothers but if like me you want to nderstand why and how the crash happened this may not be the book for you It largely focuses on Lehman Brothers who were not the first major financial institution to fall in the crash and because of this there is not enough time to go into the same detail about the other banks and others that were involved It also assumes some knowledge of the types of financial products that were being It also assumes some knowledge of the types of financial products that were being such as Credit Default Swaps without much or any explanation of how they worked As these products were. King New York Times journalist delivers the first true in the room account of the most powerful men and women at the eye of the financial storm from reviled Lehman Brothers CEO Dick the gorilla Fuld to banking whiz Jamie Dimon from bullish Treasury Secr. Might not be good for your blood pressure why did govts in the US UK and elsewhere throw so much money at this industry populated with so many seless greedy ckw1t Why weren t they regulated enough to make their misadventures so many seless greedy ckw1t Why weren t they regulated enough to make their misadventures own problem not society s problem Are we doing enough to prevent a repeat entertaining read compulsive The characters are compelling and the personal motivations are credible There are a few factual inaccuracies you may get the feeling that the author was in a race with Dan brown to see who could write a book fastest but they dont detract materially This book would have been easier to follow and impactful if it had been shorter You can see the author s problem from the 38 page appendix in small typeface Notes and Sources where he lists the sources he was allowed to cite though he also had plenty from sources he was not allowed to cite Most reviewers have reveled in this level of detail but some readers will find it just gets in the wayMy abiding insight after finishing the book is that few if any of the big of Wall Street had any particular wisdom Many financial institutions were brought to the knees because their leaders failed to nderstand financial institutions were brought to the knees because their leaders completely failed to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (The Age of Bliss) understand level of risk they had taken on They were not nearly as smart as their pay packets implied but just ordinary human beings who had risen above their levels of competenceIn summary this SHORTLISTED FOR THE BBC SAMUEL JOHNSON PRIZE 2010They were masters of the financialniverse flying in private jets and raking in billions They thought they were too big to fail Yet they would bring the world to its kneesAndrew Ross Sorkin the news brea.


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All interconnected a better explanation would have allowed me to Eric Liddell Running for a Higher Prize (Heroes for Young Readers): A Hero for Young Readers understand why the failure of one product would have a knock on effect in anotherIt does provide a good detailed insight into the pressure that the main characters werender at the time and is an enjoyable read despite my criticisms above so there is little point in banging on about this book s virtuesit is a truly brilliant account of the panic and fear that gripped the financial markets pre and post the demise of Lehmans and the dogged determination of Hank Paulson Tim Geithner and a comparatively small group of government officials and self interested bankers that staved off a total shut down of the world s financial markets and the onset of the worst global depression ever There I ve gone and banged on about itEconomic history narration cannot get any better Reuires no previous financial nous to appreciate this addictively readable bookOne word of warning however Any illusions that those We Entrust To Look After Our Money Investments And Pensions entrust to look after Our Money Investments And Pensions money investments and pensions superior beings are blown out of the water as they are generally shown to be weak not over intelligent individuals driven by personal greed and egotistical hankerings and with little or no awareness of longer term risk implications of their actions Then its not their moneyHow Andrew Sorkin will follow this book I don t know but whatever it is I ll be buying. Etary Hank Paulson to AIGs Joseph Cassano dubbed The Man Who Crashed the WorldThrough nprecedented access to the key players Sorkin meticulously re creates frantic phone calls foul mouthed rows and white knuckle panic as Wall Street fought to save itse. ,