Er United There are many examples in this chapter on the use of statistics for penalty taking and it is fascinating readingThe chapter towards the end of the book on the rise of Spanish football was also very interesting The authors thesis on why some countries are successful in football than others is that the connected ness and exchange of ideas between countries is the most important factor Spain is an interesting example In the 1970s when Spain became open there was a heavy Dutch influence Johan Cruijff Rinus Michels that proved very beneficial for Spanish football The chapter oes a very good tracing and analysing this The Routledge Handbook of Mechanisms and Mechanical Philosophy developmentThese were three chapters that stood out for me but thatoesn t mean the others were bad I thoroughly enjoyed all of them My only little uibble is that when analysing the importance of the manager for a team they concluded that it is uite rare that they have a big impact team results are mostly etermined by the uality of the players with a few notable exceptions such as Alex Ferguson But in the chapter on the English national team they conclude that they have performed better with a foreign manager than with local manager This seems a bit contradictory to me but perhaps I misunderstoodAll in all though a really great book I have recommended it to everybody I know that is interested in all though a really great book I have recommended it to everybody I know that is interested football Bought this for a pal s birthday as he absolutely loves football and studies economics at university He absolutely loved since then he has lent it out to various people who all have great things to say I m just starting it and am actually enjoying it espite not really being into football In summary if you vaguely like reading economics or football you ll probs rate this book. O know why Soldadura TIG de aluminio y aleaciones do England lose whilst German and Brazil win How have Spain conuered the world Whyo so many clubs buy the wrong playersFully revised and updated Soccernomics is the revolutionary guide from an economist and a sports writer who answer all these uestions SoccernomicsGave this book a re read with a view to trying Moneyball in Football Manager First time around I gave it two stars I have revised it own to one Much of the evidence for their thesis of football is filled with confirmation bias At times the book felt like a lecture on politics and internationalism rather than a serious examination of footballThat the book is allowed to masuerade as serious Scholarship Gives Me Grave Concerns About How Effective Peer Review gives me grave concerns about how effective peer review in academia I can not recommend this book as serious literature but it is worth considering if you want to use their arguments as a starting point for your own I m a fairly knowledgeable chap about football and always reading things here and there through various magazines World Soccer being one which cuts the aily force fed rubbish you read in the papersHowever this book is a cut above the rest recommended by a chap who wrote an excellent piece about a Moneyball themed Football Manager career Inspired by this book he wrote the column And what a recommendation it wasThis will lay own your previous conceptions about football the myths that football is big business its not and lots interesting things that you weren t aware of or hadn t looked intoI cant rate this highly as the scoring system only goes upto five starsreally a cant rate this highly as the scoring system only goes upto five starsreally a or ten would justify this The authors seem to pick system only goes upto five starsreally a or ten would justify this The authors seem to pick choose ata to prove various points they make a proof that there are Lies Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft Navigation (Understanding Aviation S) (English Edition) damned lies and statistics I admired the enthusiasm of the authors and some of the anecdotes they told are fun so I will give them 2 stars instead of 1 What a great book Iidn t really know what to expect other than that it seemed like a popular book on football It is also rather thick Magnificent Freakonomics for football GuardianThis is the revised and expanded 5th edition of the international bestseller about why Spain Germany and Brazil win and why the USA Japan Australia and even Ira are estined to become the kings of the worlds most popular. T around 450 pages But as soon as I started reading I was hooked It is extremely well written and endlessly fascinatingThe authors have used statistical analysis in many areas related to football such as penalty manager impact fan loyalty most football crazy country and the transfer market It could have been rather ry book but it is not There are so many interesting observations and conclusions in the chapters and the writing is top notchI particularly liked the chapter on which city teams have been successful in the European Cup In it the authors point out that teams have been In it the authors point out that teams that have are all from provincial cities like Manchester Barcelona Munich Marseille and Milan For the most parts the capitals have not Análisis de Vibraciones en Máquinas: 15 Casos de Estudio: Volume 1 done so well As they write the town of Nottingham still has trophies two than London Paris Istanbul Berlin and Moscow combined The explanation they offer is that a lot of people moved to industrial towns a century ago and one thing that united them was football The capitals on the other hand had many other things to unite them andid not need football in the same way This pattern of which cities have the most successful football teams is rather obvious to me once it has been pointed out yet I never made the connection myself before I read SoccernomicsI also really liked the chapter on penalty taking They write about the 2008 Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United that was ecided on penalties Chelsea had access to research about which side Van er Sar usually was Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things diving toepending on if the penalty taker was right footed or left footed In the end Van er Sar figured out the system Chelsea was using and saved the last penalty to win the game for Manchest. Sport Football truly is the worlds favourite game followed in over 200 countries by hundreds of millions of people pouring their hearts and souls into supporting their chosen team every weekBut behind the passion are uestions that all true football aficionados want